Dorset Pine beds

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Now stand back and admire beds with  a satisfied look on your face and enjoy a cup of tea.

Assembly Instructions, Budget bunk

Step one

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the parts that make up your bunk beds and have checked the parts list.

Start by inserting one dowel into each end of guard rails, make sure it is in the hole that does not enter the circular cut-out. Stand both headboards with mortice holes facing inwards. Starting from the top pair of holes assemble guard rails. Insert bolt through leg and into side rail, ensuring that the all circular cut-outs face the back wall, fit half moon washer (slot outwards) and nut. Don't worry if the dowels are not located at this stage, do not tighten fully yet. Fit the other top guard rail as above. With ends leaning inwards, you will find it easy to fit the next two lower guard-rails in the same way.

Fit top bunk mattress rails into mortice holes and insert bolts, fit washers and nuts as above. You may find a small hammer

useful to tap the bolts into position.

Make up the bottom bunk in the same way.

Tighten all bolts to finger pressure, ensuring all of the dowels are lining up in their holes, and the mortices are in place. Now  tighten all bolts using  allen key starting with mattress rails then guard rails ensuring that all fixings stay in place. (fig 1)  Only tighten  once both beds are completed.

Decide where you wish the ladder to be secured (end or side). Position the first upright beside the leg, secure with screw on each rail, if you screw from the inside outwards, you can not see the screws . Then screw steps using pre drilled holes. just this one side from the inside outwards an equal distance apart to this upright. Now fit the  other upright in the same way,(See diagram opposite)

Unroll mattress slats (tape downwards) into position and screw one  end slat both sides, stretch and screw the other end. Now  screw middle in pre-drilled holes.

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