Dorset Pine beds

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Midi bed 122

 Headroom up to

122cm (48”)

Really solid midi sleeper beds. These come in 3 height breaks and in 2 mattress widths 76cm (2’6”) and 91cm (3’). They are all built  to order in our workshop.

We can build to special lengths to fit that awkward room.

Even making them short at one end to fit on a stair box is no problem.

We talk in headroom under the bed in all of our measurements.

Mattress top is approx 25cm (10”) above headroom, top of legs is 50cm (20”) above headroom.

If in doubt phone or email us to discuss your problems.

All beds come in the raw,  ready for you to finish in a wax, colour wash or varnish of your choice, and Flat-packed for simple home assembly

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Single High Beds

2ft 6in


76cm  midi bed



91cm midi Bed Midi sleeper Slide on shelf

Why not add a drop on shelf £19.50