Dorset Pine beds

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76cm Cabin

bed £154

up to 102cm (40”)



For 102cm (40”) headroom bed 76cm mattress (2 ft 6 in)

L 201 x W 86.5 x  H 153cm    

(79 x  34 x  60in)

High beds are not suitable for children under six

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3ft    91cm

91cm cabin bed

Flat steps are available as an extra



Select headroom & width

Where is ladder to go?


Single High Beds

Carriage and packing £40.00

Flat steps midi sleeper

Really maximise the space in a loft room. This bed can be built in any height up to 40” Please note in all our height measurements we always talk in the headroom under the bed.

It takes 76cm (2’6”) small single mattresses.

The ladder can be fitted on the side or the end of bed.

Furniture and mattress are not included in price, and unfortunately are only for local delivery or personal collection.

Slide on shelf

Why not add a drop on shelf £19.50